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ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems

iso 14001

Similar to ISO 9001 the quality standard, ISO 14001 is the internationally recognised Environmental standard acceptable to companies across the globe. It defines the elements of organisation required by a company to achieve and demonstrate sound environmental practice by controlling the impact of their activities, products or services on the environment.

Benefits of ISO 14001
The systematic ISO 14001 approach requires the organization to take a hard look at all areas where its activities have an environmental impact. In doing so the organisation can create benefits that lead to the following:

1. Reduced cost of waste management through the reduction of waste stemming from increased recycling within the organisation.
2. Reduced consumption of energy and raw materials and better use of natural resources
3. Improved corporate image amongst regulators, customers, and the general public.
4. Increased employee morale within the company as employee participation is integral to the success of such a commitment
5. A framework for continual improvement of the organizations environmental performance
6. The use of an international registration mark portraying the organisations environmental commitment which can lead to increased opportunities with suppliers, clients and government organisations

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