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Quarry Skills Certification Scheme (QSCS)

Duration of training
1 day

Minimum and maximum class numbers
3 max

FETAC certificate & Fás QSCS Ticket

Duration of certificate
5 years

Clients Quarry

Course description & General Information
Safety Solutions Swift Ltd provide a wide range of QSCS training course i.e. Loading Shovel; Articulated Dump Truck; Front End Loader; Excavator 360 & Telescopic Handler
Candidates Profile: Candidates must be a minimum of 18 years of age and have at least 6 months experience to ensure they can carry out work assigned to them in a safe manner.
Candidates must complete a candidate pack prior to attending the QSCS training courses.

Aim of Course:
• The plant training and assessment programme enables experienced quarry plant operators to gain
recognition for their achievements by the way of certification, and provide an opportunity for participants to demonstrate their skills, knowledge and attitudes associated with plant operations,
which provides suitable certification.

Content of Course:
• Health, Safety & Welfare Requirements
• Corrective Training
• Theory Test
• Practical Assessment

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