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Noise Assessments

Noise Assessment incorporates the measurement and assessment of noise in the workplace. This is the calculation of the daily noise exposure level as defined in applicable legislation. The assessments are carried out in the working environment using fully calibrated equipment, fully up to date with industry standards. Management of noise is critical in the workplace due to the potential for widespread ill effects across all members of the workforce exposed.

Why it is required:
The applicable legislation namely the Control of Noise at Work Part 5 Chapter 1of the Safety Health and Welfare at Work General Application Regulations 2007 states that the Employer shall make a suitable and appropriate assessment of the risks to employees from noise, this applies where employees are likely to be at risk from exposure to noise, this will in most cases refer to potential risks to hearing. There is a duty on the employer to ensure that the noise is eliminated or reduced to a minimum taking account of the principles of prevention.

What we offer:
Our service is comprehensive in relation to Noise Assessment. The key steps will incorporate initial discussions with the employer to plan the conditions for the actual on-site assessment. The most suitable dates and time will be selected in order to ensure the most representative and accurate conditions.
The assessment is carried out with internationally recognised equipment with full accountability and calibration.

We recognise that production of the results of the assessment alone will in many cases be of limited practical benefit to the employer. In recognition of this we also compile a schedule of recommendations which can assist the employer in reducing the risks along with ensuring legislative compliance.

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