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PAT Testing

PAT testing refers to the testing of portable electrical equipment, examples include any electrical equipment which may be required to be moved whilst it is working or is moved from time to time between the periods which it is working. There are numerous examples of this throughout many workplaces such as tools, canteen electrical equipment and office display equipment.

Why it is required:
The applicable legislation namely Part 3 Section 81(Electricity) of the Safety Health and Welfare at Work General Application Regulations 2007 states that the Employer shall ensure that portable electrical equipment is periodically inspected and tested by a competent person. The legislation also states that the equipment should be certified as to whether it was safe and without risk to persons coming into contact with the equipment.

What we offer:
We offer fully recognised certified testing of all applicable equipment in the workplace. Our equipment is itself fully calibrated and accountable in terms of results produced. The testing is carried out by a direct employee of Safety Solutions he being a fully qualified electrician having practical experience in Ireland and Europe. Results are produced in a user friendly format in hard and soft copy with each relevant individual portable appliance also labelled as having passed the testing procedure.
The PAT service can be costed either by unit or time rate whichever is more suitable to the client.

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