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H.S.A research has shown that in 45% of sites where a fatality occurred, the clients had failed in their duties to appoint a Project Supervisor Contruction Stage (PSCS) or a Project Supervisor Design Process(PSDP) for the Project.

Safety Solutions can assist a PSCS in their role. We can provide full site safety management solutions, including provision of site safety advisors, training, and auditing. We can also provide assistance for contractors in meeting their duties under the Regulations including site auditing, site specific safety statements, risk assessments and method statements.

Compliance with the duties of the PSCS need not be expensive or time consuming; however an understanding of the duties is imperative to the Project Supervisor Construction Stage in order for them to fulfil their legal duties and responsibilities.

For free initial consultation on how to comply with the H.S.A Guidelines to identify your duties under SHWW construction regs 2013 and your liabilities in the event of an incident or accident contact Safety Solutions.

For more information on PSCS or PSDP please contact Paul Kennedy on 01 835 4084, 086 7988264 or