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Risk Assessments

The Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005 Part 3, Protective and Protective Measures state that the employer has a duty to identify all hazards in the place of work in his/ her control, assess the risks presented by those hazards and be in possession of a written assessment.

Why it is required:
A Risk Assessment defined simplistically is a considered examination of what, in your workplace, could cause harm to people and once it is established you can then assess if you have taken suitable precautions or are more precautions necessary to prevent harm.

The risk assessment is not necessarily to quantify the risks that are present in the work place but to identify them and then to:

• Eliminate
• Control
• Avoid
• Transfer or
• Accept the risk

What we offer:
One of our consultants will meet to analyse your requirements in fulfilling this duty. This can be through a consultancy basis, full development of the Risk Assessment or working in conjunction with your company in preparing company Risk Assessment templates.

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