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Safe T Cert

The Safe T Cert is an accreditation which may be awarded to a Company based on the quality of their Safety Management system. It is awarded by the C.I.F.
It is recognised in Ireland and Northern Ireland. If you are looking to implement an accredited management system to ensure that you are legislatively compliant and give you a competitive edge whilst prequalifying and tendering for work then call Safety Solutions where we can assist you in the design and implementation of a safety management system which can be accredited to the Safe T Cert standard

Why it is required:
With prequalification and tendering more competitive than ever Clients are introducing more stringent criteria in terms of an applicant’s health and safety performance. One of the criteria currently sought, particularly in the Public sector is a Management system accredited by an external body. One such standard to which you can have your safety management system accredited to is the Safe T Cert standard.

What we offer:
Safety Solutions can assist you with the preparation of all documentation required to meet the Safe T Cert standard and have previously assisted companies in obtaining the Safe T Cert.
• It involves a Safety Solutions Consultant calling to your office in order to interview the Managing Director and Directors and obtain all required information for the Compilation of documented Safety Management System in accordance with Safe T Cert requirements. Also obtained at this stage is all training records for staff and frequently used contractors so that a training matrix can be performed. Approx 1 day. Application to join the safe t cert scheme will be sent to the CIF at this stage.
• Once this is done it will take approximately 8 working days to put together the management system and prepare the required folders which the client will use onsite. Also performed will be audits on the system to ensure that the system is ready for auditing by the Safe T Cert auditor.

• A non exhaustive list of possible documentation which may be required depending on the size and scope of your works is outlined below-

o Procedures for dealing with Sub-Contractors
o Templates for construction stage plans and method statement specific to the Clients needs
o Induction Pack to include employee assessment
o Comprehensive Tool Box talks pack
o Relevant Statutory Forms such as
o AF3 (Excavations)
o GA3 (Scaffolding)
o GA1 (Lifting Equipment)
o GA2 lifting equipment weekly check
o Traffic management inspection forms.
o Traffic management design forms.
o PPE issue register
o SDS register
o Plant operator’s checklists
o Provisions for reporting/recording Accidents/Incidents
o Contractor Checklist
o Various matrices for recording plant and employee certification and training respectively.
o Health and safety auditing templates.
o Emergency Procedures
o Plant and machinery inspection reference lists.
o Safety Statement updated to fit requirements of safe t cert.
o The application for the external audit will be sent by Safety Solutions two Months into the management system becoming live.

• The safety consultant designated to the work will perform a preliminary audit a Month into the system being in operation in order to identify any potential problems with the system prior to the real audit.

• The safety consultant designated to the work will perform a presentation of the system to relevant personnel and also be present during the external audit by the Safe T Cert auditor and assist the auditor with any queries.

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