About Safe Track

SafeTrack is a modular compliance IT management system and supports a Company’s investment in:

  • P Health & Safety
  • P Training
  • P Quality Assurance
  • P Certification

The SafeTrack system and its desktop portal gives management a real time overview of cards, scans, equipment and certificates, flagging those that may have issues or are expiring soon.

Safe Track Card

The SafeTrack universal skills card provides instant proof that the holder has the required training and qualifications for the type of work that they carry out. The SafeTrack card has both a QR code and an NFC chip, either of which can be read with a smart phone.

The SafeTrack system has the additional capability of keeping track of assets.

SafeTrack is fully compliant with GDPR

SafeTrack smart cards carry with them instant peace of mind that the bearer’s certificates exist and are valid. No more chasing paper.

Just one Smart Card from SafeTrack.

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