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3 Days (non-consecutive) and will require participants to complete work in their own time.

Suitable for:

Anybody who applies professional use products, regardless of the quantity of product used, site to which it is applied or the method of application employed, is deemed to be a professional pesticide user.

Entry Requirements:

  • Have at least 6 months experience
  • Be at least 16 years of age
  • Be proficient in reading, writing and numeracy
  • Provide all PPE


  • Our training facility in Blanchardstown, D15
  • At a suitable location near you

Maximum Number of Learners per Course:

  •  12 or 20

Course Aim:

This course is designed to ensure that learners develop the knowledge, skills and competence to be able to apply pesticide correctly and safely using a Boom Sprayer.

Course Content:

  • Describe how infestations of pests affect crop growth and reduce quality and the range of pest control methods available to farmers and growers
  • Explain the terminology used to categorise pesticides, the factors affecting pesticide efficiency and the factors to be  considered when selecting a formulation
  • Describe principles and procedures for the safe handling, storage, application and disposal of pesticides
  • Summarise laws and regulation
  • Explain the principles of application technology necessary for the proper application of pesticides
  • Interpret pesticide label information, make up a pesticide spray mix in accordance with good practice, apply a pesticide mix with a boom sprayer, store a boom sprayer and personal protective equipment
  • Prepare boom sprayer for work, including calibration
  • Make up a pesticide spray mix and apply
  • Theory & Practical Assessment


All candidates who successfully complete the course will receive QQI Level 5 certificate for Boom Sprayer Pesticide Application.

Please Note:

  • Learners must pass the practical assessment in order to achieve this award.
  • Due to practical aspects of the training appropriate PPE is necessary for learners attend this course.  Learners must ensure they have gloves, spray-suit, face mask and steel-cap wellies.  The tutor will provide visor/goggles however learners can bring their own.

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