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Risk Assessment Workshop

Risk assessment is fundamental to good health and safety management. All employers regardless of the size of business are required by law to carry out a risk assessment at their place of work and to keep a written record of that risk assessment.  

Risk Assessment is simply looking closely at what in your place of work or about your work activities could cause harm to your employees and visitors to your workplace (e.g. customers, suppliers, sales representatives etc) and determining the control measures you can implement to minimise the risk.

There are 3 basic steps to Risk Assessment:

¨       Identify the hazards

¨       Identify the level of risk for each hazard

¨       Identify the controls or improvements to be put in place to avoid or reduce the risk

Duration of Training

Half-day (3 Hours)

Minimum & Maximum Attendees

4 – 12


Participants will be awarded a Safety Solutions Certificate on completion.

Required Prior Learning

None.  Workshop open to all those with an interest in health & safety in their workplace.


Training can take place at Safety Solutions training facility in Blanchardstown or at the your premises.

Workshop Objective

Ensure all participants have a clear understanding of the risk assessment process and be able to effectively implement it and any related documentation.

Workshop Format

Highly interactive  course using a multitude of training media  and utilising the previous experience of course attendees.

Workshop Content

¨    Duties and responsibilities (client specific)

¨    Principles of prevention

¨    Hierarchy of risk controls

¨    Effective control measures

¨    Completion of risk assessment sheets/templates against  workplace scenarios

¨    Action planning and review


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