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Work Place Audit

What is a Workplace Audit?
Workplace auditing is of our most popular services. The benefits of an external audit can be immense in terms of evaluating your compliance to the applicable legal regulations.
Unfortunately many companies fall short of what is legally required of them and in many cases they find out by accident or as a result of an accident that they are liable for prosecution. As ignorance is no case for defence we strongly recommend that all companies and employers have their workplaces assessed.

Why do you need a Workplace Audit?
The health and safety legal obligations placed on employers are wide-ranging and subject to regular changes. These obligations are too vast to list here but we can advise as to how you can meet these based on a specific audit of your place of work.

 How can we help?
A specific wide-ranging audit of your workplace. This will incorporate analysis of actual activities, equipment and substances in addition to a comprehensive review of documentation and training requirements.

Our audits incorporate an action plan to which your company can work to in order to ensure your legal obligations are fully met.

We have a broad range of consultants all of whom have practical experience of numerous differing work environments. This enables us the facility to offer the most appropriate expertise to your company and place of work.

Contact our Health & Safety consultant Adrian Jackson on 01 835 4084, 086 2258237 or to discuss your needs regarding a Workplace Audit.