Instructor Re-certification – IHF Basic Life Support (BLS) or Heartsaver





It is a requirement of certification as Irish Heart Foundation Heartsaver or Basic Life Support (BLS) Instructor that re certification takes place every two years and is carried out by an Irish Heart Foundation Training Centre.

This re-certification has been designed specifically to assess and evaluate the competence of Heartsaver and BLS Instructors.


The general aims of the Instructor assessment are:


  • To verify the cardiac first response knowledge of the candidate.
  • To confirm the ability of the candidate to deliver the cardiac first response course to learners using the agreed format and IHF learning materials.
  • To confirm the ability of the candidate to assess a learner’s skills in accordance with CFR course requirements.
  • To verify the candidate can demonstrate appropriate preparation for delivery of cardiac first response training.  This will include demonstration of course set-up, equipment preparation and room layout to ensure maximum learning opportunities for CFR course learners.
  • To provide feedback to the candidate on their performance during the assessment.

Who should attend/Pre-Requisites  

Existing IHF BLS or Heartsaver Instructors.

Completion of IHF Instructor Renewal Form

Delivered a minimum of either 4 BLS or Heartsaver courses in the previous 24 months.

Cost €210.00


Delivery of part of the either BLS or Heartsaver course in a simulated classroom setting.


Approx. 60 minutes


IHF certification for successful candidates will be administered and issued by IHF in accordance with IHF award requirements. 

Conduct of Assessment

The format of the assessment will be as follows:

  1. Candidate will be required to set up a mock classroom using their own equipment.
  2. Using the IHF training materials, candidates will be required to deliver a section of the IHF BLS course.
  3. Candidate will demonstrate CPR/AED skills in accordance with IHF assessment sheets, measured by one assessor.
  4. Candidate will be required to assess CPR/AED skills performance by a simulated student as directed by the assessor. This will entail completion of the IHF Adults skills assessment form for the given demonstration by the simulated student.

The assessment will be video recorded for quality assurance and internal review purposes only.



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